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Conscious Leadership – Taking Mindfulness & Positivity to the Next Level

Advanced Conscious Communication Skills

Program Information

Dates: Saturday, April 18, 2020
Time: 9:00am - 4:45 pm
Location: UNM Graduate School of Management

Leaders are constantly bombarded by the demands of their role, and the needs of those they lead and those they serve. It is all too easy to go into “reactionary leading” – responding without giving careful forethought to what we are about to say or do and what the unintended consequences of that may be. We simply react because the pressure is on!

Building on the teachings of the “Leading With Mindfulness and Positivity” class (Level 1 of this series), in “Conscious Leadership” we will learn about:

  • The Law of Attraction, and how to mindfully manifest the dynamics you seek in your leadership role and in life,
  • Advanced Conscious Communication skills, including Reframing and Modalities of Communication (how we each process information, and how to mindfully communicate in the “language” the other person best understands)
  • Conflict Management Through Mindful Negotiation

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Upon completion of this class, participants will have created a Personal Leadership Intention Statement that will guide them in mindfully becoming the kind of leader they want to be. Participants will also learn communication skills that will improve understanding and take thinking positively to the next level: communicating positively, even in challenging situations. The Mindful Negotiation Skills learned in this class will help participants become familiar with needs-based negotiation, empowering them to consciously create win-win outcomes that can bring real resolution to conflicts and build stronger teams.