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Mark D. Bennett

MarkD. Bennett, principal in Decision Resources, Inc. has a consulting practice focused on organization health and unity through values-based decision making, wise planning, and building a culture of dialogue and collaboration. He is the coauthor of A Field Guide to Good Decisions: Values in Action and The Art of Mediation. In addition to a diverse range of clients across sectors, he works throughout the US with the Vistage leadership organization, and internationally with the World Health Organization.

After his early career as a lawyer, Mark received training in counseling psychology and began his mediation practice in 1979. He is the coauthor of The Art of Mediation which is in a second edition and has been used in the US, Canada, Switzerland, and Israel. In the past thirty-seven years, he has mediated many organizational, business, family, and community disputes and trained thousands of leaders and managers in practical mediation skills to resolve organization conflicts.