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Stephanie Sample

Stephanie SampleStephanie Sample

Stephanie brings over 15 years of experience in the non-profit sector in the Northeast, Southeast and Southwest to Sample Consulting Studio. Since 2011, Stephanie worked as a development officer for a variety of nonprofits in New Mexico. In 2016, she founded Sample Consulting Studio to raise funds for New Mexico nonprofits and facilitate community conversations around organizational culture and values: what keeps us from working together and what moves us towards successful collaboration internally and externally. Nearly a decade in international education and cultural studies informs her work.

Stephanie has worked as a board liaison to coordinate board member involvement and fundraising, facilitated fundraising strategies for board retreats, and developed and managed fundraising strategies for a variety of organizations in the following fields: health and human services, environmental advocacy, and arts & culture. Through grant writing, major donor development and sponsorship solicitation, she has raised nearly $1 million for New Mexico nonprofits. Stephanie brings both foundational best practices and innovative perspectives to fundraising and fund management.

Sample Consulting Studio’s fundraising, fund management, and governance philosophy:

  • Financial growth often depends on having a detailed plan with researched, realistic expense and income projections and tangible strategic benchmarks.
  • Transparency is key in maintaining organizational relationships. Clear communication of values, goals, progress and setbacks cultivate an environment of growth internally and externally.
  • Sustainable growth is lasting. Organizations grow at the speed of trust. Rapidly set goals and unsupported growth targets leads to short-lived projects, services, and relationships.


Stephanie Sample, M.A.
Sample Consulting Studio LLC