Participant Q&A

Machelle Karler

Machelle Karler

Manager, EEO & AA Services, Sandia National Labs

Career & Professional Development Participant

What are you currently doing (career-wise)?

I am an HR manager at Sandia National Labs.

Why did you decide to take a professional development course?

I enjoy continuous learning, and as a new manager, wanted to continue to develop my leadership skills.

What did you take away from your learning experience that has been most applicable to your career?

The instructors are all wonderful, provide real world examples and application, and I can apply what I learn immediately in my job. I also enjoy collaborating with other managers and HR professionals.

You are so busy, how did you fit classes into your schedule?

One night a week made it very easy, and did not take me away from my work during the day.

Professional development can be expensive, how do you justify the cost?

My employer pays the cost and it’s directly beneficial to my job.

Anything that you would like to include that wasn’t asked?

I think the classes are a very valuable use of my time and only enhance my ability as a manager. Again, the instructors are amazing!