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Excel for Decision Making

Course Information

Excel for Decision MakingDeep within your messiest spreadsheets lie the answers to all of your questions. As a manager, you can’t make decisions without reliable information. So, how can you make decisions when you don’t understand your data? Microsoft Excel has the power to sort data, crunch numbers, and help you make effective decisions. Unlock its power in Excel for Decision Making.

Over five weeks, you will learn to clean, organize, summarize, and analyze your data using Microsoft Excel. Dr. Anne Brooks will use hands-on activities to help you apply your new skills in your workplace. You can even bring your own data for in-class practice and analysis.

NOTE: Please bring a laptop to each session. If unable, please call 505.277.2525 to make arrangements.

Five Sessions

  • Data Management
  • Analyzing Data
  • Using Lookup & Conditional Features
  • Statistical Features
  • Effective Presentation of Data


  • Dr. Anne Brooks

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Decision Criteria

Is this course right for me? Yes, if you're...

  • A manager who wants to make stronger data-backed decisions
  • A professional who analyzes marketing, financial, or sales data
  • Already comfortable with basic Excel features such as formulas and sorts
  • Interested in acquiring advanced Excel skills

What will this course prepare me to do?

  • Make effective decisions based on reliable data
  • Clean, organize, summarize, and analyze your data
  • Utilize Excel features such as Pivot Tables, Conditional Formatting, and Lookup Tables