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Executive Negotiations

Learn negotiation moves and tactics to create win-win solutions.

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Program Information

Dates: Thursday, October 25
Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm
Location: UNM Graduate School of Management

“However much you think negotiation is a part of life, you are underestimating.”
         - R. Walker

You may not be aware of it, but you negotiate every single day. Sometimes negotiations are obvious, like haggling with a vendor. Other negotiations are subtle, like pitching a new project to your boss. Most of us have to compromise when we can’t reach an agreement, but compromises require sacrifice. Learn to create win-win solutions in Executive Negotiations.

During the program, you’ll learn to analyze your situation, brainstorm new solutions, and persuade the other party. Your instructors will utilize simulations and hands-on activities, so you can practice in a safe environment.

Whether you are asking for resources for a project, funding a new initiative, or agreeing on who will take on specific tasks, negotiation is at the heart of almost every business process. This hands-on, one-day workshop provides you with the skills to negotiate effectively—which not only means you win, but everybody walks away from the table feeling successful. This program is for professionals from any functional area.

Fees & Discounts

      • Cost: $350
      • Program fee includes tuition, course materials, lunch, and campus parking
      • Early Bird Discount: $25 off
      • Group/UNM Discount: $50 off
      • Tuition Remission Accepted

Who should attend?

        • Those planning to negotiate a salary or contract
        • Engaging in negotiation on behalf of your organization
        • Responsible for group meetings and decisions

How will you benefit?

        • Analyze, strategize, and execute successful negotiations
        • Utilize bargaining and persuasion techniques
        • Protect your interests when compromising
        • Improve negotiations in every part of your life
        • Brainstorm win-win solutions


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