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HR Straight Talk Series: Part I

HR Straight Talk Series

Course Information

Each session is worth 3 Professional Development Credits

SHRM SealMost organizational leaders and HR professionals know what makes for best practice in Human Resource Management. That’s the easy part. Where the “rubber meets the road” is in the how-to and what-if questions that arise when attempts are made to implement HR processes from procedures.

The Straight Talk Series takes a no-nonsense approach to discussing and dissecting the requirements you need to know, and utilizing necessary mechanisms to ensure both legal compliance and efficient HR practices.

Each 3-hour session is devoted to tackling a core issue. Select from attending individual sessions or bundle all three, at a discount, to truly build competency this summer!

Program Fee:

  • $175 per session; $495 (bundle of 3)
  • Group Discount - $75
  • UNM Alumni, Faculty, and Staff qualify for the Group Discount
  • Tuition Remission Accepted

Who Should Take this Course:

  • Business owners, directors, managers, consultants and entrepreneurs who are concerned with their compliance issues
  • HR business partners, directors, managers and department heads who implement and execute HR policies and procedures

How You Will Benefit:

  • Leave with practical tools to promptly and effectively address employee complaints.
  • Explore the up-to-the-minute law, rules, and regulations surrounding employee exemption from overtime.
  • Upgrade your ability to write more effective investigative reports.


Each session is worth 3 Professional Development Credits

Session I - What You Need To Know About NM Human Resource Law

Whether you are a business manager, a first line supervisor, a business owner, or an HR professional–you want to be an employer of choice, and ensure that your organization stays on the right side of New Mexico’s employment laws. New Mexico has a unique set of laws ranging from wage and hour, to leave, to address domestic abuse. This 3-hour session will focus on the tools you need, to help ensure that you do the right thing by your employees, your business, and your community. This workshop session will provide:

  • A comprehensive overview of New Mexico-specific employment laws and how they apply to your organization
  • A review of select city and county employment legislation which may also impact your organization
  • The resources to review and update organizational handbooks and policies in compliance with New Mexico law

Session II - Conducting Workplace Investigations

Conducting workplace investigations is one of the most challenging and critical duties that HR professionals must perform. Workforce demographics are shifting. New laws are constantly emerging. Managers make mistakes because they are not properly trained or they are under pressure to resolve complaints quickly. Employees are increasingly aware of their rights. The thorough and prompt investigation of workplace complaints has never been more important in mitigating HR-related litigation risk and preserving employee morale. This workshop session will:

  • Provide participants with practical tools to promptly and effectively address employee complaints
  • Equip participants with resources and references to sharpen organizational policies and procedures with regard to workplace investigations
  • Boost participant confidence when addressing employee complaints

Session III - Worker Classification: A Wage & Hour Overview

Classification of workers as employee or independent contractor, exempt or non-exempt is coming under increased scrutiny by courts, legislatures, and regulatory agencies. Errors in worker classification are becoming more and more costly to employers as fines, penalties, and enforcement rise. The United States Department of Labor is expected, any day, to release new regulations with regard to employee exemption from overtime. Employers must stay on the cutting-edge with regard to current workplace laws and regulations surrounding classification. This workshop session will:

  • Provide participants with the legal and regulatory framework necessary to determine whether a worker is appropriately categorized as an employee or independent contractor
  • Explore the up-to-the-minute law, rules, and regulations surrounding employee exemption from overtime


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