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Integrated Marketing

Course Information

The marketing field is a magnet for those who want interesting, diverse, challenging, and creative work. Successful marketing professionals combine creative, out-of-the-box thinking with strategic planning and research skills, a savvy understanding of consumer psychology, and more.

The Integrated Marketing Program is designed to provide participants with a solid foundation in marketing fundamentals and skills that can be applied immediately on the job. Taught by experienced practitioners, this program addresses real-life issues in today's rapidly changing and highly competitive business environment.

Who Should Take this Course:

  • Professionals whose job responsibilities include any element of marketing including advertising, public relations, media and sales
  • Those who are being asked to take on increased marketing and/or social media responsibilities as part of your existing job requirements
  • Nonprofit, government and institutional organizations who need to understand how the pivotal role of marketing can play a key role in the success of their organization
  • Individuals who want to incorporate marketing into future career plans and expand their résumé
  • Organizations who are committed to developing their staff to make significant strategic contributions to the marketing plan

What You Will be Able to Do:

  • Know what marketing is and how to develop a targeted marketing strategy
  • Find and utilize the latest online marketing tools and trends for PR and social media
  • Identify how market research works and how to conduct it
  • Recognize how to maximize search engine marketing
  • Understand why branding is so important and how to use it
  • Develop integrated marketing campaigns

How You Will Benefit:

  • Increase your opportunity to reach your audience
  • Gain an integrated marketing perspective that will help you maximize the impact of your total marketing effort
  • Add a network of new professional acquaintances and contacts


To receive the Anderson School's Certificate of Completion, participants must attend 7 of the 8 sessions.


  • "Sophie [Martin] is engaging and does a great job relating the information to our real-world jobs."  -  Eilene Vaughn-Pickrell

Market Research and Planning

  • Understand why market research and planning are crucial in developing successful marketing campaigns
  • Learn how to conduct competitor, customer, and market trend research and analysis
  • Understand the importance of creating and implementing strategic marketing plans

Target Marketing

  • Learn strategies for segmenting consumer and business markets
  • Examine some of the common target marketing pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Use buyer behavior to generate effective marketing strategies

Brands and Positioning

  • Branding, it’s more than your logo - describe what is meant by brand
  • Learn to create a creative brief to communicate your brand to your creative and advertising teams
  • Analyze recent trends that affect your position in the market
  • Learn to build your strategy around your strengths and the competitions weaknesses

PR and Advertising for the Social Media Age

  • Understand the principles of public relations, publicity and advertising
  • Understand how to develop and implement a 21st century PR strategy
  • Why the key to public relations is building relationships
  • Utilize vehicles such of blogs, forums and online communities as well as traditional media
  • Learn to utilize tools that help you manage your programs and measure success

Guerilla/Buzz and Viral Marketing

  • Non-traditional advertising and ways to create a buzz about your product, service and brand
  • Use time, energy and creativity, instead of money in your marketing campaigns
  • Discover effective use of video, flash mobs, loyalty programs, mobile (smartphone) marketing techniques

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Part I and II

  • Understand the fundamentals of Search Engine Marketing
  • Optimize your website to improve your search Rankings (SEO)
  • Effectively utilize pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
  • Explore how to maximize your pay-per click budget for the best return on your investment
  • Integrate your link development, brand management and social media marketing

Integrating Your Campaigns and Measuring Your Results

  • Understand how tactics alone don’t drive revenue: integrated campaigns are the key to success
  • Define the elements of an integrated campaign
  • Effectively Measure Results and ensure your ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Discover what metrics matter most