The Anderson School of Management provides micro-credentials for professionals looking to step into a managerial position or advance in their careers. Our micro-credentials equip you with competency-based skills and knowledge to succeed in your industry. We help you showcase your achievements and all it took to get there by providing you with a Digital Badge. You can post your badge anywhere:  LinkedIn, digital resumes, and e-portfolios to increase your marketability and stand out to current and future employers.

Some micro-credentials are credit bearing, while others are not. Please check out our offerings below and visit the FAQ page to learn more about micro-credentials and how they can help you excel in today’s competitive industries.

Fundamentals of Film Production

Fundamentals MC

Learn the basic tenets of film production by going through the entire process, from script to screen. By following the mock-production of a narrative feature, you’ll learn what it takes to bring a film to life and gain the skills to send it out into the world.

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